Call Center Services

Patient survey call center

Reliable quality

Arbor's highly experienced interview team boasts an average of more than 10 years experience in conducting phone surveys. Our team members are all locals and work in the same building as the rest of our dedicated staff.

Ongoing Project Discount

Call center services are often a one-time interaction between us and the clients who need them. We seek to nourish relationships and encourage repeat projects to help you compare results over time.

Our Staff + Your data

Surveys are one the best ways to capture large amounts of data for your business. Arbor recognizes that many companies already have the expertise to develop the survey. Let our expertise in survey management do the rest.

Quick Delivery

Once we understand the nature of your survey goals, we can help design a timeline to maximize response rates. After surveys are completed, we can often deliver your data in less than one week!

Every call center project is different

We seek to help you achieve your goals at the lowest price possible. Contact us today to discuss your needs and get individualized pricing. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes we do! While most of our call center projects are commissioned with a proposed survey in mind, we are always willing to offer our input and experience in question design, composite design, survey length and more. Feel free to ask about it when exploring your project!

Not a single one! Due to the restrictions on outsourcing of healthcare surveys, which is our primary business, we keep with the same proven model for all other projects as well. Our survey team lives in the same area and even works in the same building as the rest of Arbor’s staff.

At Arbor, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer care. That includes a gimmick-free contract that we will develop with you at the onset of the project. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what you’re paying for it. Our fees are based on a historical response estimate and incorporates non-responders.

One of the greatest benefits Arbor offers is the ability to capture live, verbatim comments in a personal phone call. Due to the personal nature of a one-on-one conversation, comments are much more likely to be fair, accurate, and truthful. These comments add an element of qualitative data that can be used and incorporated into your quality control cycle.