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Arbor has been conducting CAHPS Hospice surveys for large and small agencies since their introduction. We've learned the ropes so you can focus on delivering the best care possible.

Common Sense Pricing

One of the most common reasons our clients prefer us over our competitors. Pricing that fits your size, your needs, and your budget. No gimmicks and no year-end surprises.

The Data you really need

The survey industry is filled with services that don't actually serve. We only deliver insights that meet statistical significance to help save you time, money and effort.

Timely service

As a smaller company, we often have to work harder than our competitors. One call is all you need to get answers with Arbor. No more phone trees or waiting days for a call back.


Although patients receive care in different places, the role that every Hospice Agency plays is the same. From network affiliates to single caregiver businesses, we deliver the same commitment to each and every client. 


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are happy to take on clients of all shapes and sizes. As a small company ourselves, we admire the agencies which are otherwise exempt from CAHPS Hospice but choose to do so for the betterment of their patient care. We also have solutions for agencies with low response rates on top of their already low volume. Ask us about it today!

Absolutely not! One of Arbor’s most popular features is our straight-line pricing. When you sign up for our services, what you see in your contract is what you should expect on your invoice. It’s budgeting made simple!

We take patient and decedent caregiver privacy very seriously at Arbor. Understanding that anyone involved in the hospice care setting may be in a very delicate state following their loss, we’ve taken extra care to implement safeguards within our systems to prevent any possibility of their privacy being compromised.

Yes we do! We love the opportunity to speak with referrals for new business. It’s an affirmation that we are serving our clients well and they are getting maximum value from Arbor’s services. Know someone at another facility with a common management team or other affiliation? Pass along the savings!