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Community Attitude

The value of community opinion research is well accepted in the health care field. There is little question of the need to keep abreast of attitudes concerning the hospital’s competitive position and to anticipate response to its initiatives. Arbor recommends that a Community Attitude Survey of the attitudes and awareness of the population served by the hospital be conducted to enable valid statistical analysis and informed decision making.

Community Health Needs (CHNA)

At some point, every Hospital must determine how the community perceives its services and whether or not there are any gaps in care that should be addressed. Is your hospital lacking a NICU or Outpatient Surgery Department? Maybe you recently lost a specialist and need to decide if there is still sufficient demand for the position? These types of questions are best answered by an independent, experienced survey vendor. You decide the research focus, we’ll provide the answers. Learn more about CHNA’s.

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Community Survey FAQ's

With over 35 years of survey experience, Arbor delivers exceptional value and insights to each project we are commissioned for. We wouldn’t still be around if that weren’t the case! Our surveys use questions that are hand-picked to help guide you and your survey benefactors in making informed, data-backed decisions for the betterment of your community.  

We will never charge extra if it takes more than one attempt to reach a patient. However, there are certain instances where completed surveys above the agreed-upon yearly target may occur, resulting in a small fee. We do our best to curb this by working closely with clients to understand their needs and volume before a new project is started. You will never be charged for anything outside of what is written in your contract. 

We take privacy very seriously at Arbor. As a company that primarily specializes in healthcare surveys, we are bound by HIPAA regulations that we abide by every day. We execute the same level of care with non-health surveys and have taken the time to implement safeguards within our systems to prevent any possibility of  privacy being compromised.

Yes we do! We love the opportunity to speak with referrals for new business. It’s an affirmation that we are serving our clients well and they are getting maximum value from Arbor’s services. Know someone at another facility with a common management team or other affiliation? Pass along the savings!

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Dining & Restaurants

Thinking about finally opening that restaurant you’ve always dreamed of but not sure if your planned location matches the market? Or perhaps you’re an established restaurant and want to explore why sales might be slumping? No matter your questions, we can help find answers.

Hotel & Travel

The latest results for stays in this quarter are down by 10% and you just aren’t sure why. Is it the new competitor that just opened up down the street? Maybe the seasonal hires need just a little extra training next season? With Arbor’s survey services, there’s no more need for guessing. We build to your specifications and complete the calls on your behalf. 

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Already Have A Survey? Let Us Do The Hard Part.

Survey design is a labor in itself. The testing, revisions and decisions that go into constructing a survey require a firm commitment from management. However, that’s usually just the beginning. Fielding the survey is a whole other level of commitment. Let us take care of that part for you.