How will CAHPS be affected?

We at Arbor Associates want to express our deepest gratitude to you, the healthcare providers, workers and leaders during these unprecedented times. 

While your focus during the COVID-19 crisis is on the continued provision of excellent patient care and the safety of your staff in increasingly difficult circumstances, you can depend on Arbor Associates to support and assist you by providing you with the same high level of service, information, and feedback you have come to expect.

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, CMS has been providing updates announcing temporary changes to programs, including CAHPS, as well as recognizing that survey vendors may take necessary steps to protect staff’s personal health and safety. Like healthcare leaders and providers, Arbor Associates is following all guidelines and doing our part to flatten the curve and stop transmission of COVID-19 for the safety and health of our staff and the community.  Our Executive Team continues to work to provide you with the support and feedback you need during these unprecedented times.  So healthcare providers can focus on the crisis at hand, CMS announced temporary exemptions, exceptions, and extensions for CAHPS Q1-Q2, 2020 (January 1 – June 30) data and no financial penalties.  We hope it is reassuring that your reimbursement status as measured by survey participation will not be impacted by this crisis, while CMS guidelines are relaxed for this period in recognition of the extraordinary circumstances.  Arbor Associates remains in compliance with CAHPS protocols and guidelines, and the exceptions, as we have since the inception of the CAHPS programs we are approved to administer.

Thank you for your selfless diligence.  We continue to offer and provide support in any way we can so you have the insights you need.  As always, flexibility and open lines of communication are key. Please reach out by email or phone if there is anything further we can do. 

Best wishes for health and safety,

Jennifer Young, CEO & Daniel Struck, CIO