About Us

A Brief History of Arbor Associates, Inc.

             Arbor was founded in 1982 by Larry Willis and Don Cohen. Along the way, they’ve hired many employees, expanded their service qualifications and affirmed their position as one of the top CAHPS vendors nationwide. This tradition of excellence was passed down to the experienced hands of Jennifer Young and Daniel Struck in 2018, both of whom boast 25 years of dedication to Arbor and it’s endeavors. 

             The company found its unique position in the market by maintaining a commitment to outstanding customer service. This holds true to facilities of all shapes and sizes. We believe equal dedication to clients should be the foundation of all partnerships, not the size of the contract. The results of this commitment were affirmed in 2010 when Modern HealthCare Magazine recognized Arbor as one of the top ten Patient Satisfaction Survey Firms in the U.S. Though the company has a few new faces around the office, our pursuit of delivering exceptional value and results remains constant.


Jennifer Young | CEO

Jennifer joined Arbor in June of 1993, recently celebrating her 25th Anniversary with the company. Before taking the helm as CEO in 2018, Jennifer had served the company as Senior Vice President for nearly 15 years. Jennifer brings a wealth of industry experience to her role and continues to lead Arbor in pursuit of excellence.

Daniel Struck | President & CIO

Daniel began working at Arbor in January of 1994, joining Jennifer Young on Arbor's exclusive list of employees with 25+ years of service. Daniel was elevated to the co-position of President & CIO in 2018 after serving the role of Vice President of Information Systems for 15 years.

Kevin Cranick | Director of Marketing

Kevin joined the company in 2014. Upon completing his Master of Business Administration degree and formal training in the areas of sales and marketing, he was promoted to the position of Director of Sales and Marketing.