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Arbor is CMS-approved to conduct most CAHPS Surveys, as well as non-CMS surveys. Ask about our solutions!

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Results You Need,

When You Need Them

On average, Arbor finishes nearly half of all expected complete surveys on the first try. Getting those early survey results can be pivotal in making time-sensitive decisions for your patients. Don’t risk any delays by relying on slower methods of survey administration. 

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Real Time Stats

Get an email notification every time we upload new data for you. Jump into your own portal, manage accessibility across the organization, run reports and view comments in your patients' own words!

Easy To Use Interface

One walkthrough of the ArborOnLine interactive client portal is all it takes to empower our clients with the tools they need to focus on what matters most: their patients.

Ditch The Snail Mail

Do you know where your paper surveys end up? We imagine it resembles the same place that most paper mail does. Ask us about the advantages of switching to phone mode today.

Personal Telephone Interviews

All patients are interviewed by Arbor's own experienced telephone staff. The average employee has over 10 years of experience with Arbor so you can always count on quality and consistency.

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Unmatched Customer Service

At Arbor Associates, we recognize the importance of your time. We strive to offer industry-leading turnaround for all customer service questions and inquiries.

Comprehensive Data

Ask us about how we incorporate verbatim patient comments into the quality control cycle. Most clients are amazed at how much value lies in the qualitative and not just the quantitative.

A Tradition of Excellence

Arbor’s greatest asset for over 40 years has been a commitment to strong relationships with each and every client. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver unparalleled customer service and a personal touch that is hard to come by.

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Why Phone SUrveys?


Fewer Incomplete Surveys

Interviewers may clarify an answer if it is unclear or incomplete. This is especially important for open ended questions which help agencies identify improvement opportunities.


More Positive

CMS-published mode adjustment factors for the HCAHPS survey suggest that, based on their research, survey respondents generally rate a facility higher if the survey is conducted by phone.


More Representative

Mail surveys more often capture responses of the highly satisfied or dissatisfied. Phone surveys capture responses from all levels of satisfaction, which is integral to improving Star Ratings.


Superior Turnaround Time

Mail vendors and phone vendors receive their data at the same time. But even the best mail vendor can't ship a survey and capture a patient response as fast as a phone vendor can begin calls.


Longer Comments = More Data

The average person can only hand write at 13-20 words per minute but can speak between 125 and 130 words per minute, making phone interviews easier and more thorough.


Less Bias

Interviews are conducted one question at a time, as opposed to a mail survey which can be viewed in it's entirety before responding.

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