Arbor Specializes in Telephone Mode Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Research by CMS in the development of HCAHPS clearly revealed that survey results obtained by telephone interview consistently showed higher patient satisfaction than those from mail-in questionnaires. Based on these measurable differences, a series of Mode Adjustments was published. In essence, the Mode Adjustments show what scores would have been if surveys done by telephone had been done by mail-in.

Arbor clients have found that their telephone-based HCAHPS scores typically exceed state and national averages ~
even after mode adjustment!


Percentage of patients who rated the hospital 9 or 10 on a 0-10 scale

With all companies using the same questions for HCAHPS and contributing responses to CMS, the resulting National Comparative Database has become the definitive reference point. Any advantage that a large client base may have offered is now made obsolete.

Now with Value-Based Purchasing taking HCAHPS scores into account, hospitals across the country are realizing that telephone mode HCAHPS surveys are best for their organization. So, "Which CMS authorized survey vendor to use?"

Why Arbor?

For 30 years, Arbor’s hallmark has been intensive customer service. From the beginning, we customize each client’s surveys and reports so they are closely tailored to their specific information needs.  No cookie cutters!  Another important way we deliver on that promise is to make the most of our “personal conversations” with your patients. (You can be assured that Arbor’s telephone interviews are always conducted by our full-time, experienced staff.  We never out-source to call centers.)

We place a great deal of effort into obtaining extensive patient comments which we report online in patients’ own words. We are convinced that it is the comments, explanations and examples that patients provide that truly inform and motivate hospital staff.

All this adds up to a simple conclusion:

  • Arbor’s telephone survey has the highest response rates;

  • Which delivers the most accurate and sensitive measure;

  • Which enables higher scores on CAHPS surveys and VBP; 

  • And Arbor’s numerous patient comments will make those numbers real to your staff.

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2014 marks Arbor's 33rd year of service to the health care industry!

Arbor clients have the "best of both worlds" - intensive customer service and truly national benchmarking through CAHPS surveys.

CAHPS surveys available
    • Hospital: HCAHPS
    • Home Health: HHCAHPS
    • CAHPS Hospice
    • Clinician & Group CAHPS: CGCAHPS

  • Arbor will also conduct "Patient Experiences with Care" (PEC) surveys when official survey questions are released:
    • Emergency Department: EDPEC
    • Outpatient Surgery: O/ASPECS
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